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Two years medical program for NEET

Two Year Comprehensive NEET, Coaching Programme for Students completing 10th Standard
  • Most recommended courses for students because it provides ample time to students for a relaxed and comprehensive preparation schedule.
  • The syllabus moves at a comfortable speed and the student can learn and practice the subjects with joy without relatively lesser time pressure.
  • The primary focus of this course is to develop solid foundation of concepts & fundamentals, and to sharpen analytical thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills of students.
  • In addition to competitive -exam preparation, this course also takes care of school/Board Examination.
  • Classroom Training complemented by Basic Study Material that focuses on building a strong conceptual base.
  • Regular testing to track the performance-Unit wise tests and Cumulative tests.
  • Revision tests - assess student's ability to solve the questions through integration of concepts.
  • National level NEETĀ Main Mock Tests and analysis.
  • National level NEETĀ Advanced, Mock Tests and analysis.
  • Support and Model Exams questions extensively discussed and solved.
  • Course were comprehensive and regularly updated to capture the changes in NEET